Happy Tails is inspired

by a tremendous love and appreciation of animals, not just cute furry companions but actual Divine, sentient beings capable of unconditional love.

As a team, in loving partnership we share over 50 years’ experience combined working with animals in a holistic fashion.  We believe animals by their pure nature offer many gifts to human awareness, if we can but receive them.

Our mission, vision, and goal at Happy Tails is to be a voice for the animal, whether cat, dog, horse, or any other pet.  Bringing true understanding of what your pet is trying to convey through health challenges, physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral issues. 

Pets are incredibly receptive, intuitive beings reflecting their current and past environments.  Often the same energy imbalance reflected in the pet is the owner’s imbalance being brought to light to be healed.

Animals, including our pets, carry the energetic imprint of the collective consciousness.  They are essentially at the effect of human thought and belief, expressing that belief through imbalance, illness, and inharmonies.  Ever wonder why pets are so prone to rampant  human health conditions?

The goal is to empower you, the caregiver, to really ‘see’ through your pet’s eyes and to harmonize and balance whatever is being brought to the surface through your animal.  Through this realization a sense of well-being is sometimes established for the first time. Our companions are eternally waiting for us to ‘get it’ by becoming the Divinity each one of us truly is at our core.

We look forward to and would love to assist you and your beloved companion along the journey to wholeness.
Debbie & the Team

Debbie holds the following degrees and certifications:

  • Autopathic Advisor
  • AA Degree Veterinary Technology
  • Certified Bowen Therapist
  • Certified Hair Mineral Analyst
  • Evergreen Ministry Herbalist

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