palomino horse
Palomino Horse: How To Identify A True Palomino
There are so many beautiful horses in the world, but very few can conjure up incredible equine fantasies...
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A Greyhound? No, It's a Whippet!
Very few dogs in this world are confused for another dog breed. The whippet is one such dog that is confused...
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Paint Horse
The Perfect Paint Horse
Paint horses, or pintos as they are often called, look as though they should be a horse of a darker color...
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Percheron: The French Gentle Giant
The Percheron horse is the French answer to the Scottish Clydesdale and the British Shire horse. Like...
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clydesdale horse
Poetry in Motion The Clydesdale Horse
Every year during SuperBowl, people who love horses await the famed Budweiser commercials. Why? Because...
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Mustang Horse
In the Company of a Mustang Horse
If you like or even love horses, there is a good chance that you have heard of the wild mustang horses....
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