Custom Purification Essences

What Are Custom Purification Essences?

Custom purification essences are tailor made specifically for your pet alone.  The main purpose of the purification essences is  to ignite the immune system through the vital force of the body.  

Often the detox channels (liver, kidney, intestines, skin) are blocked by environmental toxins, herbicides, chemicals in the food and water, medications, antibiotics, steroids and more. 

The immune system itself can be compromised, lacking in its innate ability to identify toxins and pathogens and then to effectively shuttle them out of the body.  The end result being chronic conditions of organs, glands, pathogen overload, etc.  

The custom purification essences start a conversation with the life force of the body which then helps the immune system come back online.  Once the immune system is back online it’s an organic process.  The immune system will then determine and prioritize the order of operation – what needs to be addressed first and then progressively address all issues.

For example, let’s say a dog presents with itchy skin, tummy upsets, bad breath, seasonal hot spots, food allergies, and chronic ear infections that come and go.  From a visit to the vet, you’re given antibiotics to get rid of the ‘infection’ and a steroid to calm the ‘inflammation’.  Your dog rallies and things clear up for a few weeks.  You have hope!  And then it comes back especially in the triggering seasons and the roller coaster ride starts all over, again.  All the while your dog is going nuts itching, you see the sadness in his or her eyes, they are starting to act depressed and you don’t know what to do or where to turn.  

The problem lies in the fact that all those symptoms are the result of an underlying candida infection or other bacteria, virus or pathogen.   The medications given only temporarily relieve the symptoms while at the same time are suppressing the cause of the problem, pushing it further down into the cells and tissues.   Does this sound familiar? 

With the use of energy based therapeutics,  custom purification essences, flower essences, homeopathy and practical lifestyle adjustments you can take charge of your pet’s life and health.  Your beloved pet deserves the best, the very best and that includes a state of vitality and well-being. 

One of the reasons vibrational remedies can be so effective is because they work in the energy body of a person or animal where ‘causes’ begin.  Addressing the physical level through supplements alone can bring about change but incorporating  vibrational essences and remedies often allows the body to go to work at the level of cause.   Thereby working at deep levels outward to layer of symptoms.


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