Ears seem to be a hot topic! The number of dogs that come these days and have over the years for chronic ear infections, or inflamed, itchy, yeasty smelling ears doesn’t seem to be slowing down. And even young kittens with ear mites ~ a four-week old beauty of kitten landed on our doorstep at the end of July full of ear mites. Thats another endearing post. More on that later. In addition, to all of our beloved, four-legged friends and clients, I’ve been struggling with my own clogged ear for 3 years!!

Are You All Ears? Read on ….

Mine didn’t seem to be mites! thank goodness or a yeasty inflamed ear but none the less chronically bothersome, irritating and slightly worrisome. In the past I’d dealt with some chronic infections, the usual candida and parasitic load that most people have even on a low level. I assume the left ear would at some point clear on its own. I had never done any physical ear treatments. I primarily kept strengthening my immune system and figured it would eventually take care of itself.

As time marched on I noticed it wasn’t seemly getting better but hearing was somewhat impaired. Hmmmm …. didn’t like this. So I entertained the idea that potentially this could be a build up of ear wax. Never considered that! I’ve never had ear problems. Not even as a child nor an adult. I’ve never had ear wax problems, never needed to clean or clear the ears of excess wax. Nothing.

In fact, if there is such a label I’d probably call it ‘an underactive earwax producer.’ Until seemingly out of the blue three years ago in 2020 I noticed intermittent crackly sounds and slight clogging primarily in the left ear. I also think this had a subtle effect, very subtle on balance and some other brain related subtitles. Whenever there was internal pressure from a sneeze, cough, altitude change I could feel sensation in the eustachian tube.

Mind~Body Connection

Any of you that have worked with me know that without considering what is going on – on the upper level, the level of mind the picture is not complete. In a holistic approach, the parts (ears) are not separate from my body and my body is not separate from my mental state, emotions, perceptions and further up the line.

All the while this ‘ear issue’ has annoyingly been going on I’ve been questioning the most obvious factor and asking the question, ‘what don’t I want to hear? that I would block my ears from hearing?

The ears themselves are not reacting in and of themselves but rather are reflecting the only way that can be explained as an “inconguency” within myself. Layman’s terms = where am I at odds with myself? where am I out of balance with myself?
Lets look at the the following definitions from Merriam-Webster:
CONGRUENT – not having or showing any apparent conflict
INCONGRUENT – not congruent
CONGRUOUS – being in agreement, harmony

Onward And Upward …. The Ear Saga Explained

Considering not only the the physical aspects of a blocked ear but deeply pondering the cause, I began to entertain understanding that what I didn’t hear was my own internal voice, intuition, understanding. This IS and was huge. I began to see that it wasn’t so much who or what I may be trying to block but rather the most influential voice of all. What was I knowing and receiving internally that I wasn’t living, being, doing, on the external. There is was ~ how I am being incongruent ….. there is that word again!

Suddenly after this insight I began to see where incongruencies lie and they continue to unfold. For me it is a matter of reaching higher, being even more authentic than I had previously achieved, so I thought. I think we all work at being our authentic selves to the degree we can stand apart from group consensus, family consensus, cultural consensus and the list goes on and on and on.

This occurs at the risk of losing or restructuring dysfunctional situations, conditions, and relationships. As well as letting go of fixed perceptions that prevent harmony, unity, and freedom.

Ultimately I was not ‘listening’ and ad~hear~ing to my own knowing. Rationalizing fitting in on certain levels of conditioning. I.e. compromising my authenticity. Incongruence was too much to bear, hence the block was formed. Our appearing problems can be our greatest assets.

The ultimate ‘reaching higher’ is resting in the Spirit, where one must look the other way from the stereotypical and follow their intuitive knowing.
Merriam Webster: STEROTYPICAL – conforming to a fixed or general pattern or type especially when of an oversimplified or prejudiced nature of, relating to, or constituting a stereotype

If You Are Still With Me …. Breakthough!!

After several weeks of this insight first incubating then germinating, a solution and answer was finally allowed admission. It seems answers to problems seem to appear when the lesson is no longer needed. And then seemingly out of the blue, there it was the whole time, an apparent even logical solution that seemed utterly out of reach and vague.

Here is the actual process that dislodged an accumulation of ear wax that was unbeknownst to me.

1. Applied olive oil a few times a week for several weeks and gently massaged to work it in to loosen any possible earwax Or debri. Everytime I used the olive oil it felt better, soothed but then more clogged. I knew something had to be loosening its grip.
2 .Then started homeopathic ear drops in a base glycerin and 4 homeopathic remedies. Used intermittently for 10 days.
No significant change but could tell the ear and clogged feeling felt different though still clogged.
3. A few saline ear flushes with small dropperfuls at a time. No big change but small.
4. And then FINALLY, I used hydrogen peroxide with distilled water flush in a 1:3 ratio and low and behold – Out came chunks of rust tinted tidbits, specks, flakes and chunks. I irrigated about 7 times with a plastic 5ml syringe and special tip.

I couldn’t believe what came out and for the first time in 3 years I could hear again crystal clear. And now left ear was even more clear than the right side. Needless to say some process repeated on the right side.

Earwax As Protection

The ear will logically and reasonably create more was in an effort to protect itself from foreign invaders, debris, objects, and exposures. Its a friendly advocate. But with any type of chronic or systemic infections current or long past the ear can build up wax as its trying to handle the overload of bacteria. And the infection may be a thing of the past but the accumulated was hasn’t so easily disappeared.

The Esoteric Part

I’ve saved the best for last. Our body is not separate from ‘us’. We are our body, our body is not us. Our body will magnify and reflect our innermost selves if we but patiently listen to our own message to ourselves. Symptoms, conditions, signs, as well as life circumstances, situations, occurrences, disharmonies all point the way if we can but resist the impulse to cover it up, medicate it, drowned it, suffocate it, minimize it, rationalize it, stuff it, get rid of it, project it, mute it – We are our own best friend as well as our own best enemy.

A Few More Ear Tidbits

As far as our new kitten, delivered to our doorstep via the Universe and the ear mites delivered along with her I used pure organic virgin olive oil. A total of 3 treatments. Slightly warmed olive oil, a plastic syringe, a towel, and most of all a loving, gentle and patient touch as the oil is massaged in the ear canal. Three sessions 4 days apart completed eradicated a mite infection. A natural, non-invasive, non-suppressive solution to ear mites. That was 2 months ago and no return of mites and ears are pink, tender, acute little vessels. By the way, our new joy is named Starlit Sapphire Willow. Pics below before and after:

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