Instructions For Protocols

Consistency Is Key ~

  1.  For best results adhere to the protocol and stay consistent.

  2.  Most remedies and essences are given in drops for pets and drops and pellets for people.

  3.  Dogs, cats and horses can be given drops on a small treat to ensure ingestion OR can be given by dropping directly into the mouth.  TAKE CARE NOT TO TOUCH DROPPER TO MOUTH OR SALIVA.  Best not to add to a whole bowl of food.

  4.  Refer to label on individual remedies for dosing.  Usually 1 – 2 doses per day.  Sometimes more for certain conditions.

  5.  AM/PM doses are best first thing in the morning and then again in the evening sometime before bed.

  6.  Protocols are formulated for a set period of time: 4, 6, or 8 weeks.  Consecutive protocols are to be started every 4th week, 6th week or 8th week and are formulated in advance of next start date in order to stay consistent.

  7.  Each protocol is customized based on the needs and goals of the individual being.  Strength and potency is adjusted each new round.  So regardless if you have any remedies left from prior round you’ll want to start the new set based on the progression of strength.

  8.  Typically drops are calculated based on time period for that specific protocol.  For people taking pellets  – usually extra are added to vials to have a little extra for spills etc …

  9.  Try to avoid ‘touching’ pellets and drop pellets into the little cap of the vial then open mouth and drop in from cap (for people)

  10.  Be sure to order next round in advance of running out AND allowing enough time for shipping.  Consistency is Key!

  11. Evaporation of liquid drops – this happens occasionally.  When a remedy is severely needed the drops can seem to disappear faster than the allotted time period.  Each dropper bottle holds and exact amount of drops but like essential oils and other high vibration substances when the bottle is opened more seems to leave the bottle!  This sometimes happens in the beginning of a protocol.  Also if the environment itself is in need of balance ‘it will take the drops’ too.

  12. Calendar – most protocols come with a hand written calendar noting the specific remedies/essences to be taken either daily or only on certain days.  These are noted on the calendar for ease of use and consistency.  A protocol with ALL  remedies given daily may not included a calendar.
  13.  For any questions please reach out to Debbie by text or email to clarify whatever needs clarification.

  14. Regular updates, recent photos and videos are essential to track progress.  Videos are one of my main assessment tools to evaluate progress and improvement OR where adjustments need to be made.  Short text updates from you are recorded in your animal’s file or your file.  Seemingly small improvements or new changes are incredibly important to track and necessary in effectively customizing the next protocol.
 The Best of Health & Well-Being ,
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