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Wondercide®: A Proven Solution for Flea Control
Wondercide has been shown to be incredibly effective in eliminating fleas from pets and homes. In fact, when applied directly as a spray, Wondercide formulations have been found to be 100%* effective in killing flea adults, larvae, and eggs. Recent testing has revealed that the most common domestic flea species experienced a 99%* mortality rate within 2 minutes of application, and 100%* mortality at 15 minutes, which was maintained for 24 hours. In comparison, the leading plant-based competitor, whose active ingredient is clove, only achieved 54% efficacy within 2 minutes, with mortality rates decreasing to 14% at 15 minutes and 2% at 24 hours.

Wondercide®: The Effective Flea Life Cycle Control Solution
Wondercide® has been proven to be a highly effective flea life cycle control solution for both pets and homes. It is 99%* effective at preventing flea eggs from hatching into larvae. In fact, the formulations prevented 99%* of cat flea eggs from hatching when applied as a direct spray application, as measured at 14 days. If you’re looking for a reliable solution to control fleas, Wondercide® is the way to go.

Wondercide®: A Highly Effective Flea Control Solution for Pets and Homes
In scientific testing, Wondercide formulations have demonstrated 98%* efficacy against cat flea larvae within 24 hours when applied directly as a spray. These results validate Wondercide as an optimal solution for flea control.

Wondercide’s Tick Control Solution: Proven 100%* Effective
Wondercide’s formulations have been tested and proven to be 100%* effective at killing and preventing ticks with a direct spray application. This makes it an excellent solution for tick control in both households and pets. The testing revealed a 100%* mortality rate within 24 hours, and the formulations were found to be capable of eliminating the entire tick life cycle by killing 100%* of brown dog tick nymphs within just 4 hours.


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