What To Expect

Consistency Is Key ~

  1. The beginning of improvement is usually seen within the first few days to weeks.  

  2.  Long term or deeply rooted more serious conditions need time to really heal, not just band-aid, typically months.

  3. The core protocols are formulated to first clear out all the debris (toxins, pathogens, chemicals) that should not be there.  Toxicity levels determine length of time – as well as effectively functioning detox channels (liver, kidney, lymph, blood, intestines).

  4. The mitochondria are addressed first – as this gives the cell ‘the energy’ to detox.

  5. Second in line, once the debris is removed, begins the repair and re-establishment of the systems, organs, and glands.

  6. What does the process look like ?  Here is where it is vital to recognize that as overall energy levels increase, symptoms will come and go.  Some symptoms and signs may take longer than others.  But what will happen is a simultaneous healing and detoxification all at the same time.  The overall trend is UP though.  Some symptoms may linger while the intelligence of the body prioritizes its functions.  Things are ‘cleaned out’ that we are not even aware that are there.  Consistency and gentle patience are essential.  
    Signs that immune system has been ignited: tiredness, needing more sleep, emotions, fluctuations between constipation and diarrhea simultaneously improved bowel function.
    Signs of healing and improvement: windows of newfound energy, spirts of inspiration, less pain, improved sleep, restful sleep, a feeling of ‘calm’ from deep inside the nervous system.  For pets; brighter eyes, curiosity and engagement, more peaceful look, starting to play, intestinal balance.  For cats: starting groom more or again, relaxed posture as opposed to a frequent ‘hunchy’ posture.  

    A common and big oversight here is waiting long enough for certain symptoms to heal.  Do not discount or overlook the improvements that have taken place while waiting for the others to find their place in the prioritization line.

  7.  Maintenance Protocols help maintain and sustain optimal health.  These are smaller protocols designed to keep the immune system optimized and the detox channels; liver, kidney, lymph – open. 

  8.  Maintenance Protocols are usually initiated once the main issue of concern has resolved.
 The Best of Health & Well-Being ,
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