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Happy Tails is holistically dedicated to the health, well-being, and happiness of your pets and You

The information and services provided here is for anyone interested in getting to the root cause of physical and emotional imbalances and creating sustained well-being. 

A Unique and Insightful   Perspective of Animals

Foundational Understanding of Essential Nutrition

Rebalance Health Chronic Conditions

Release Trauma and Fear

Transformation Through Energetic Balancing

Step-by-Step Online Course Option

Create a Rock-Solid Rapport With Your Pet

Learn To See Through Your Pet’s Eyes

Understand Your Cat or Dog From A Soul Level

Our blog targets and answers many commonly asked questions queried on the internet and basic questions pet owners have related to food, care and environment.  

The blog posts answer questions from a holistic point of view and take into consideration the deeper aspects of why a pet is challenged in a particular area.  There is a tremendous amount of knowledge, information, resources and links to references within the posts. 

We’ll share with you our unique perspective about how to truly care for your pet and yourself too! See You There!

For those interested in taking a deep dive in order to streamline resolving your pets issues, we have consultations to get you started, decipher the priorities, and create a customized plan. 

Wherever you find yourself on your journey with your beloved companions we are here to help build a harmonious future.

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Elijah & Isaiah's Corner

Join Elijah and Isaiah for weekly snippets.  And hear their take on the latest and most progressive benefits of Holistic living!

Discover Your Pets Health, Well-Being And Higher Functioning Relationships

Allow Them To Show You The Way

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