Nutritional Guidance

Nutritional Guidance

Animal Nutrition is the first and one of the most important elements to address when looking for a solution to your pet’s health, mood, temperament or behavior.

Animals are no different than us when it comes to proper nutrition.  They, like us, are designed to eat nutrient-dense fresh food appropriate to their chemistry and metabolism.   Animals should  thrive from their diet.

Often this in itself, can be the solution to chronic health issues such as skin conditions, allergies, hot spots, chronic ear infections, digestive troubles, tummy problems, weight issues and a host of mental and emotional disharmonies.

Dogs and cats in nature and by design eat other living things and these living things contain enzymes that cannot be found in processed, heated, dry kibble food. A raw food diet is a nutrient rich dense diet designed by nature to sustain and maintain optimal health.

Home cooked food is another option to provide true nutrition for your dog or cat.  Sometimes a combination of a home cooked stew and raw food is the best.  We can help you determine what the most appropriate approach would be based on your pets individual unique needs.

Set up a consultation to discuss your pet’s dietary health goals and we’ll work together to come up with the ideal meal plan.


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