Separation Anxiety ~ Where To Start

  • Because separation anxiety is far too prevalent in dogs a Where To Start page has been created just for the process. Sometimes SA can be alleviated rather quickly with a few blends or essences. SA has many causes and often they overlap and several areas needs to be addressed simultaneously. Occasionally, anxiety can be brought under control with a proper diet and clean chemical-free water alone.

Quite often there are levels of shock and trauma that need to be identified and remedied. To add to the complicated process of SA there can be toxicity from chemicals, vaccinations, and medications. Many commonly prescribed canine drugs and preventative drugs contain neurotoxins that need to be detoxed out of the body.

Separation anxiety usually comes with set of behaviors common and unique to a specific dog but also to breed and mixed breed tendencies. Balancing out physiology naturally (diet/remedies/flower essences/supplements) makes the mind much more receptive to ‘learning’ new ways of being in the world or in a new home environment.

The analogy would be similar to asking an athlete with adrenal exhaustion and hypothyroidism to run a marathon. Though the skill is embodied within the person there is no capacity to perform it. The same is true with dog that has all the components of a remarkable canine yet seems untrainable has behaviors termed ‘out of control’ due to a stressed and strained physiology from shock, trauma, abandonment, chemical toxicity etc.

Below, listed in the order of importance and moving from the simplest to the most complex causes of SA are foundational areas to implement for your dog

    • Bottled Spring Water (crystal geyser) or RO system with minerals added

    • Optional: Broad Spectrum Omega Fatty Acid

    • Calming Drops

  • Consultation to determine Customized Protocol

  • Chemical  and Vaccination Toxicity Detox

    Implement Confidence Training  Concurrent with Calming  Approaches  Above


Implementing the above list may sound like a lot but it really is the foundation for health and well-being.   It should be implemented before any problems arise or in prevention of them.

Just as we eat for our health, dogs need to  eat appropriately, have clean chemical-free water,  and usually a few basic supplements to provide for essential nutrients.  This is the cornerstone.  Everything else is built upon it.  The sedative minerals: Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc and the bioavailable liquid minerals are essential to health, providing a calm disposition.  

Much of the list can be implemented yourself from following the information outlined above.  Most likely you’ll begin to see changes within weeks of starting with the basics.  If the issue or behaviors are not beginning resolve or if there has been chronic health conditions these require a more in depth look at through a consultation and customized protocol.  

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