Have you ever seriously considered why it is that we love our pets SO much. So much so that we substitute human relationships for furred, feathered, and hooved relationships. If you are visiting this site right now, I know you have a deep kinship with the natural world or you wouldn’t be reading this post right now on this website.

A large percentage of people have pets, a larger percentage than those that don’t. Have you ever wondered why considering the notion of ‘not’ having your pet or pets of choice is not an option? Animals offer us the world on a platter. The world of unconditional love, acceptance, and companionship.

Going Deeper

Animals never utter a mean word, challenge us verbally, hold a grudge, divorce us, judge us, or criticize us. No wonder we love them and desire their company and often can’t live without them. Animals work on a much more subtle yet profound level – that of projection and energy. They challenge us in a different way -to grow -to awaken. Usually in a way that is much more palatable in our perception.

The homepage of the website opens with the line ‘Awaken To Your Pets True Potential’. Awaken to- implies our need to awaken and to the potential our companions have to offer us. The meaning wasn’t meant to awaken their potential but ‘ours,” through them.

They bring to us the exact lessons that are asking for our mastery. These lessons come in the form or under the guise of health conditions, behavior problems, separation anxiety, aggression, or a multitude of disharmonies.

Whether the animal ‘arrived that way’ when you acquired them or it developed after the fact slowly or rapidly. The point is you still have to deal with ‘it’. Whatever the ‘it’ is. ‘It’s’ in your experience. Period. So what does this mean? And how do we take a deeper look at what is really going on?

Relationship Is Inherent

The need for givingness, connection, and authenticity is deeply inherent. Merriam-Webster defines ‘Inherent’ as the essential character of something. Every fiber of our beingness is designed for relationship. If we break down the word relation-ship, it is to relate and –ship as a noun-suffix is embodying a quality or state. Another way of understanding relationship is to ‘relate to -embodying a quality or state’. Relationship extends far beyond re-lating to just another being in the typical way we understand ‘relate’ to mean but to relating with oneself, nature, and everything we can be aware of.

So far this may seem redundant and obvious – Yes we love animals for a good reason and many of them and they fulfill our need for relationship. But there is more to this precious, protected, inherent relationship I have with my cat, or my dog, or my horse or all three!

Like Energy Attracts Like Energy

In homeopathy there is a term called the law of similars founded by the founder of homeopathy, Samual Hahnemann. This is where a potentized version of particular matter in the form of plant, animal or mineral is given to one in a similar state.

For instance, the homeopathic remedy Apis made from the frequency of the honeybee is used for any stinging sensation with swelling and pain. The person or animal does not necessarily have to have had a bee sting to use Apis – rather the signs and symptoms related to it. There is that word again.

The law of similars is a great way to understand the principle of like energy attracting like energy. In fact, this principle is in operation all day long, 24/7 even down to what I call 60/1 – every 60 seconds per minute. We are repetitively sending out signals from our conscious thoughts as well as unconscious states and then retrieving the by-products.

The choice of the word by-product is intentional. In general, by-products are not thought of as desirable. Here is the case and point . . . . our truly beloved pets are showing us the gateway to ourselves. What more could we ask for?

Inharmonies As the Pre-curser To The Gateway

A practical example: you have a dog that is sweet as can be, has honorable attributes, and loves YOU to death but has aggressive tendencies to the point where you have to avoid certain circumstances because you don’t trust your beloved not to act inappropriately aggressive to visitors, neighbors, even family or close loved ones. Hmmmm . . . . . what’s really going on here. Pets are energy magnets, processors, and healers. And we love them for it even if we don’t quite understand this part.

The first question to ask is where is this aggressive energy coming from that this ‘sweetness’ is exhibiting contrary to its inherent nature? Where do you have an aggressive perception? An aggressive posture? A well-concealed passive-aggressive gremlin that seems to appear only in ‘certain’ circumstances.

This is the mirroring that our pets do for us. As we become aware of the incongruities in ourselves and reconcile these energy states within ourselves, our pets won’t display them anymore. They’ll reflect the reconciled state.

To See Or Not See

In essence, we have the opportunity to become explorers to see firsthand what our world is reflecting back to us through our pets. It’s truly one of the greatest ways in which they serve us, humanity. And it usually goes unrecognized with the animal carrying so much of the burden that they are ultimately weighed down without much recovery in sight.

Typically. people are aware of the fact that their pets feel them and are responding to ‘that’ energy. I’ve heard it again and again in consulting with people about their animals. But that is as far as it goes, people are aware but the deep, transformational work is not occurring or the animal wouldn’t be reflecting it.

It is not easy work to accept responsibility at this level but really what choice do we have unless we want to stay on the merry-go-round? And if we can’t quite do it for ourselves, we can honor the messenger and dutifully do our best to awaken.

Not Only The Animals But The Flowers And The Plants

flower essence

Not only are the animals here to support our ultimate growth and ascendency but the flowers and plants in their vibratory essence are here to help us along the way is nothing short of miraculous, amazing, and effective means. Through the use of Flower Essences we can receive help on our inner plane and flower essences are extremely helpful tools to use to help lighten the load for our messenger friends.

Flower essences can be used singularly or combined in a blend composing a beautiful synergistic symphony. One flower essence used for aggression is Holly. Holly helps with reactions of aggression and hostility by opening the heart center and offering a sense of peace.

How Flower Essences Help Us On The Journey

Flower Essences work at the level of consciousness. They work higher up at the level of cause. So unlike a bandaid that covers up or represses, the essences help ‘process’ the cause of the reactions. Most often we are not even aware of the ‘why’ we just know we feel that way! Often the same remedy we have our pet take is the exact one we, ourselves need.

The love we have for our pets is sometimes constrained only to them. But love is love and because we come hardwired to love we actually are love itself. Our pets are asking us to extend this authentic version of ourselves beyond the limited scope.

As overly simplistic as this may sound extending this love is apparent not only in obvious ways that we care for or do a loving thing for someone but rather in transforming our less desirable attributes. Being willing to ‘sit’ with these attributes, face them, forgive them, and love them results in a ‘dissolving’. Our companions bring us tremendous opportunities.

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