This is a common question. Work can be done with people that are receptive and have even a basic understanding of how vibrational remedies, flower essences, and frequency work. But even more importantly people that feel ‘drawn’ to this work will have a more positive experience. Another important factor is that often there are layers to work through and sometimes many layers. Healing requires a process and a gentle patience that comes with that process.

If you are looking for a magic pill or instantaneous 30-day miracle detox/cleansing cure you are probably suited to a different way. True health and healing require some soul work on your part and energy blends and essences can be given to certainly help expedite the journey but the actual transformation occurs within the confines of your inner world.

In Holistic healing, what this looks like, is an overall upward trend over time. This allows for integration on all levels: the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. And truthfully speaking, all dis-ease starts on the mental/emotional level whether conscious or unconscious. Yes, even with animals. An opinion contrary to popular thought. Animals don’t consciously ‘think’ about dis-ease but they are subject to the collective conscious/unconscious thoughts and frequency of illness. As mentioned elsewhere they are little energy magnets cleaning and clearing up the environment. In this way, amongst many they are amazing beings serving us in ways unimaginable.

In essence, this is the goal and mission of Happy Tails is to support these beings in their effort to support us–humans. Animals are incredibly receptive and often healing occurs rapidly with them but not always. Often they carry a heavy load and our purpose is to help remove and or lighten the burden.

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