In what is termed Natural Horsemanship every serious and devoted student of this discipline understands just how intuitive their horse is. They understand that a simple thought or gesture in the direction you want your horse to go, is initiated by the horse in the degree of strength of that intention. Similarly, when we want our horse to ‘go to the right’ we focus our eyes to the right not on the horse itself. Likewise when we want our horse to transition from a walk to trot we pick up our internal energy to raise it a notch and the horse reads this and responds with a trot.

The Energetic Response

Horses do respond to voice but they respond to energy first. When a foal is born they aren’t listening to a human voice rather they are reading their mother’s energy and responding accordingly. No wonder they would respond likewise in the training arena. It’s inherent. Rather isn’t it ‘us’ in the training arena?

It’s also not a foreign concept that in the natural horsemanship world and otherwise, just not recognized the same, a horse will mirror its person or environment. Your horse or horses are responding to your energy and all that it entails, including those things that are not even in conscious awareness. That is the beauty of what they have to teach you, offer you, potentially heal you.

Are We Listening?

Does it seem like you keep getting the wrong horse. Or it never works out for your seeming benefit for things to go the way you want them to go. Or you keep ending up with horses that have ‘issues’. It’s easy to think, ‘it’s not me the horse came that way’ – but here you are with your ‘horse that came that way‘! Has that acknowledgment changed your experience or your horses’ yet for the better? Probably not.

There is a reason this horse is in your presence (any pet for this matter). However this sentient being came to you there is a massive opportunity awaiting. Just as a horse reveals its complete intuitive nature in the training arena it does not stop outside this genre.

But I Thought . . .

So what about when we have plans, an outline, a destination, a goal, a discipline, an attainment, a trophy, an honor -something we want to accomplish and we want our horse to ‘do it’ accordingly . . . . and it doesn’t happen despite ALL of our best efforts, training, hard work and determination.

The horse has other plans and if we are wise we will heed the advice of our devoted, endearing, companion and potential liberator. Hopefully we won’t dump the messenger for yet another message all wrapped up in a ‘fresh new start’. Only to repeat the same message only guised with a new set of tack and beholder of the tack.

What’s Going On Here?

For instance, is your horse constantly injuring itself or dealing with chronic health issues or meeting up against little accidents or refuses to ‘get in in the trailer’ when he or she used to just float in there with ease. Often we turn to the natural world of horses for escape …. escape from pain, inharmonious relationships, unfulfilling work, distraught family dynamics, our own degenerating health, depression and list goes on and on and on and on.

And though we find temporary respite, reprieve and serenity in practicing our discipline with our best friend – are we ‘listening’ to what our horse is bringing to us? The intuitive principle operating in the training domain that is so clearly easy to see IS operating in every single other area of life. A principle is a principle, it’s universal not selective which means it’s always in operation.


Isn’t our Friend possibly asking us to slow down and turn within and be an explorer of the internal terrain that is SO desperately trying to get our attention through repeated disheartening experiences. Finally there comes a time when even our ‘go to’ isn’t working any more, the way we want it.

Is this not our own Soul asking, pleading with us to take our hands off the bridle? Merriam Websters definition of a bridle: to restrain, check, or control with or as if with a bridle; a length of line or cable attached to two parts of something to spread the force of a pull. Does the bridle not represent our need to yet try to control something with the force of a pull that cannot be controlled.

Back To The Auction

Rather than continue to rearrange the tack, try a different trainer, call a new vet, check out a ‘new discipline’, change up the routine, get a different riding partner etc . . . . what about letting your horse be the guide it always has been. Turn within and discover the internal landscape together. All it requires is the silent acknowledgement of two divine beings brought together for the ultimate illumination of the Spirit.

In practical terms, why not try sitting quietly with your horse, meditate together. Try to restrain the temptation to do something to be busy . . . . just be with your horse. Sit with him or her in the pasture, paddock, round-pen, wherever, close your eyes and turn within not asking or expecting anything of your horse. Just be . . . . and see what comes of the silence. It’s usually revelatory.

Cinch It UP

The truth comes in many ways and forms and it is unique to you, your truth. It really is important to stop fixing things that are broken. If we see any situation, person, or animal as not working – it is our interior landscape that needs re-weaving, reinterpretation from our truthful perspective. This sounds like a lot of abstract work. It’s not.

Simply put we have to stop feeding ourselves Bravo Sierra! As we are true to our selves we gain clarity. In this clarity we find our true self able to have relationships with all sentient beings on a deeper and more meaningful level.

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