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Sweet Itch Mix


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Sweet Itch is a skin condition in horses, ponies, and donkeys that results from an allergic reaction to the bites of certain insects, notably the Culicoides midge and sometimes the Simulium Equinum blackfly. The affected animals develop hypersensitivity to these insect bites, leading to intense itching, typically in areas like the mane, tail, and withers, chest, and belly and anywhere.

This incessant itching prompts horses to rub or bite themselves in an attempt to alleviate the discomfort, resulting in hair loss, thickening of the skin, and sometimes even oozing sores. This condition can cause significant discomfort and distress to the animals, impacting their well-being.

It’s important to note that not all equines exposed to these insects will develop Sweet Itch, and the condition is not contagious between animals. While Sweet Itch is a common issue, other skin allergies or irritations can manifest with similar symptoms.

Managing Sweet Itch involves measures like reducing exposure to biting insects, using protective gear, and providing relief for the itching to improve the affected animal’s quality of life and prevent further skin damage.

While the remedy blends can significantly reduce the discomfort of the condition, which can be very intense and hardly tolerable, the deeper causes need to be addressed in order to resolve it rather than just treat the condition. This lends itself to a consultation and customized longer term protocol to ignite the body’s own life force .

Sweet Itch Mix is a two remedy set.
If your horse is prone to sweet itch seasonally one of the successes to taking the remedies is catching it early enough in spring for the remedy frequency to already be present in the body.  It can still work after the fact and will bring relief but will work much better planned ahead of time.  Typically, the protocol needs to be used throughout the season.  Horses can be afflicted to varying levels and degrees.

Directions sent with remedies.

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