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Ulcer Blend


Ulcer Blend comes in regular blend or flower essences added to support the action further for especially sensitive horses or horses that are deeply effected by their past.

8  Drops 1x/day or 4 Drops 2x/day

Energetic Frequencies Of:
Argentium Nitricum
Arsenicum Album.
Carbo Veg
Nux Vomica
Antimonium Crudiem
* Option with Flower Essences

Ulcers in horses are common for the same reason as in people: Worry.  Horses are very sensitive beings irregardless of their size, power, and disposition.  They can easily ‘worry’ and with the lack of understanding these beings and traditionally what has been asked of them, one doesn’t need to look far to find a reason that caused the ‘worry’.  From the past or present.  Ulcers also develop in horses from not being heard, listened to or respected.

Often part of the symptom picture of an ulcer condition is high acid levels in the body consider using Acid Balance with Ulcer Blend.

As with any chronic health condition a customized protocol determined through a consultation may be necessary to peel back the layers to get to the cause.

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